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By gregc  /  October 18, 2016

How is implementing enterprise marketing automation like fine dining?

Picture this: It’s your spouse’s birthday and you go out for a surprise dinner at the fanciest restaurant in town....
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By gregc  /  July 13, 2016

Can You Spot the Difference Between Innovation and Improvisation?

How do you create, compile and deliver welcome kits that are accurate, personalized and compliant with FCC regulations? In the telecommunications industry, this is a critical, and often costly, part of the customer onboarding process. All too often, companies with innovative core services find themselves executing their customer onboarding process with a patchwork of homegrown processes, emails and spreadsheets. These improvised methods were born from quick fixes to meet tight deadlines in a changing environment and evolved into time and resource sinks. Replacing improvisation with innovation can result in money saved and business grown. Here’s an example:
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By gregc  /  July 1, 2016

Stay Tuned!

Stay tuned for interviews, analysis and thought-provoking articles about new and innovative direct marketing best practices.
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