The Naehas Analytic Services Story

Naehas Analytic Services helps businesses with high volume, multi-channel direct marketing departments optimize customer acquisition and retention through a multi-disciplinary customer level approach.

Address the important questions

Where and how much to invest?
Review business objectives, analytics and infrastructure
Recommend unbiased, big-picture changes based on strengths, weakness, gaps and best practices
Instill sustainable change management
Ensure that recommendations are implemented, utilized and really work

Case Studies

The Naehas Analytic Services partners have helped enterprise marketing organizations enhance customer value in banking, payments, insurance and wealth management.

Global Credit Card Issuer

“The NAS partners really helped us move from having a product-centric marketing process where virtually identical customers received up to 50 offers a year while others had none, to a customer-centric process which generates higher return and more continuous response flow from all our customers.”


Leading Retirement Services Provider

“Working with the NAS partners helped us replace our broad concern over customer attrition with the framework to determine data-driven retention investments that consistently build customer value year over year.”


International Payments Leader

“The NAS partners changed our model from having every country developing and managing their own customer acquisition processes to having common capabilities and results reporting. This cut process times in half and enabled markets to productively leverage far more corporate investment than they had been able to in the past.”


Major Credit Card Issuer

“Many of our applications were canceled by applicants or declined due to missing data. Working with the NAS partners we learned which users were struggling and why, and modified our online forms. Our high-value applicant approval rate nearly doubled and our, already high, offer response rate increased by 10 percent.”

Managing Partners

Naehas Analytic Services is led by executives who have implemented advanced analytic approaches that drive business results across functions and industries.

David Edwards

Former Senior Executive at American Express, Citibank and TIAA
Ph.D. in Economics

“In many organizations, enterprise marketing programs evolve organically over time and become heavily focused on products and channels...making customer centricity hard to achieve.”


Jeff Williams

Former Senior Executive at Ameriprise and American Express

“Enterprise marketing organizations are inundated with data from such a large variety of sources which are often difficult to combine and comprehend that decisions are often made with the data which is easiest to access, like click-through rates, rather than the data which is most relevant”


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